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  • How to Install Windows 10’s SSH Client

    Microsoft integrated OpenSSH client to Windows 10 is available for Windows 10 build 1809 and later (while OpenSSH Server is available on Windows Server 2019 and later). OpenSSH is an open-source[…]

  • How to Install and Use Windows Terminal

    Windows terminal is a command-line application developed for Windows 10 which supports multi-tabs. It can run any command-line app such as PowerShell, Command Prompt, Linux ( WSL interface). Other features[…]

  • How to Add and Remove Headers in Google Docs

    A header is the uppermost section of a word processing application such as Google Docs. A document usually needs to highlight important information about the document in the header section.[…]

  • How to Recover Local Administrator Password Using MS DaRT

    I have a Window Server, that has a connection issue with its domain controller. This server has been deployed by another engineer and we don’t have a local administrator password.[…]

  • How to Show Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge

    Lots of tabs are always hard to manage. Vertical tabs help to easily find and switch between. Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in vertical tab feature for a better browsing[…]

  • How to Enable Spell Check in Chrome

    Spell check feature of google chrome enables to check spelling mistakes in a text field on a website. Basic and enhanced are two types of spell check currently available on[…]

  • How to Fit to Data in Columns on Google Sheets

    Just like Microsoft Excel, Google sheets columns can be automatically adjusted to fit contents. With a single click or two, you can achieve a column that is exactly the size[…]

  • How to Wirelessly Sync Photos Between Android and Windows 10

    Always plugging in your device to move pictures here and there your computer system can be a stressful process, as we all know it. Opportunely, there are two primary in-built[…]

  • How to Clear Facebook Cache from iPhone

    All your frequently used activities in Facebook are stored in cache memory. Cache memory is fast so it helps speed up the Facebook app. Sometimes this memory gets into some[…]

  • How to Install New Fonts on Windows 10

    The default Windows 10 fonts, Times New Romans, and Arial fonts are classics, but there are times when you'll want a change. You can download new fonts from different online[…]

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