add video google slide

Videos are oftentimes immersive and adding a video on your Google slide presentation will make your presentation more memorable and engaging.

Ever wondered how you can add a video on your Google Slides? In this tutorial, we will walk you through various ways you can add a video on Google slides.

How to embed a video on Google slides from YouTube

You may probably want to embed a video straight from YouTube instead of spending time downloading it. To achieve this, follow the step below.

Step 1: Open a new or existing Google Slides Presentation. On the left navigation pane, select the slide which you want to add a video to. On the menu bar, click on 'Insert' and select 'Video'

Add a video on Google slides


Step 2:  Three options will be presented to you: To insert the video by searching it on YouTube, by pasting the URL in the text field or import from your Google Drive.

options of inserting a video

To search a video on YouTube, type the title of the video. Click on the video that you want to insert and click on the 'select' button.

Select video to add to your slide

To add a video on Google Slides using a video URL, head out to YouTube and copy the video's URL and paste it in the URL bar shown below. A preview of the video will be shown as shown. Then click 'select' to add it to your slide.

A YouTube video inserted on Google slides

Insert a video (non-youtube) to Google Slides

The fact that Google Drive has been integrated with other Google applications makes it easier to add a video from this platform without exiting your Google Slide.

To add a video from Google Drive:

Step 1:  Click on the “Google Drive” tab to open it.

add a video to Google slides from Google Drive

A few options will be presented to you. The first tab gives you an option to insert a video straight from your  Drive folder.

Adding a video to your Google slide from Drive

Also, you can click on 'Shared with me' to insert videos that have been shared with you in the past.

Insert videos that have been shared with you

Finally, locate the video you want to add then click the “select” button to add it.

Adding videos to your presentation adds some oomph to your presentation and make it easy to convey your thoughts and ideas through illustrations. Moreover, videos are more appealing than plain boring slides with lots of text. Ultimately, your audience will be more eager to appreciate a video in one of your presentations.