Tool to create bootable window 10 usb drive

Have you ever been in a situation where your PC crashed, you had no access to a CD/DVD drive, and you needed a quick repair or re-install? A bootable USB drive could actually save your time. It helps to install a fresh operating system or required to recover from corrupted OS. Creating a bootable Windows 10 USB is an absolutely simple process.

All the modern USB can be used to create a bootable drive To create a bootable flash drive you need a minimum of 8 GB free space. You need an ISO file or can be download windows support site.

We have compiled a list of the best tools available to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive. Every tool listed here has been tested and confirmed easy and working.

  • AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional
  • Rufus
  • Microsoft Media Creation Tool
  • WinToUSB
  • Universal USB Installer
  • UNetbootin
  • RMPrepUsb

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

AOMEI Partition assistant homepage for creating of bootable usb drive
AOMEI Partition assistant homepage

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional tool is the best tool (in my opinion) for creating a bootable Windows drive, although it’s a paid service. AOMEI is one of the best computer troubleshooting software makers, with different products that I can guarantee to work correctly; one is the AOMEI Standard Backupper. The AOMEI Partition Assistant's "Windows To Go Creator" helps you install Windows 10 in a drive, SSD, and HDD.

This tool comes with a GUI interface that is user-friendly and easy to use (a few steps and you are done). It can also create your bootable USB via your current Windows 10 Pc; the ISO file is not a must.

Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional tool


Rufus homepage for creating of bootable usb drive
Rufus Homepage

The Rufus Tool is a freeware tool that allows you to format and create a bootable drive. Contrary to its small size and looks, Rufus gives you everything you'll need; fast, portable, and precise. It is about twice as fast as any other tool in its category. It also supports creating UEFI boot media.

In addition to its above-stated abilities, Rufus can also be used to transfer utilities for use on drives. Rufus is very convenient if you want to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS.

Download Rufus tool

Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Microsoft Media creation tool homepage for creating of bootable usb drive highlights option
Microsoft media creation tool homepage

The Media Creation Tool, a Microsoft product is for creating Windows 10 USB/DVD installation media. This tool is free to download and use.

Download Media Creation Tool


WinToUSB homepage for creating of bootable usb drive
WinToUSB Homepage

Windows to USB, as it is also called, is another perfect Windows To Go Creator that allows you to install and run the Windows operating system on a USB flash drive using an image file on the drive as a source of installation. With WinToUSB, you can also clone your current Windows OS installation to a drive.

This tool also supports creating a bootable Windows PE to a USB drive. It is easy to use, with its wizard interface providing step-by-step instructions to make the drive.

Download WInToUSB

The Universal USB Installer

UUI homepage for creating of bootable drive
Universal USB Installer Homepage

The Universal USB Installer is a Live Linux USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of distribution to put on your drive. The tool is easy to use; simply select a Linux distribution, the ISO file, your USB destination, and Click Install.

When the installation is complete, you have a ready-to-run bootable USB drive with your operating system installed.

Download Universal USB Installer tool


UNetbootin homepage for creating of bootable drive
UNetbootin Homepage

This is a free tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that allows you to create a bootable USB drive to use with Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distribution instead of burning on a CD/DVD. It runs perfectly on both Windows and Linux.

The Bootable USB created with this tool is only compatible to run on PCs, not Mac.

Download UNetbootin tool

RMPrep Usb

RMprep USB homepage for creating of bootable drive
RMPrepUsb Homepage

The RMPrepUsb tool is without exaggeration one of the best of this category, fast and precise. What differentiates the tool from Rufus is that you have to install setup before use. RMPrepUsb is regularly updated with improvement made on every update.

Download RMPrepUsb tool


If you face any difficulty using the above tools or know better tools to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive, let me know in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you know about any other tools which help better.