Download facebook all photos

Just like you, I wouldn’t want to lose my snaps just because I am scared that Mark Zuckerberg might hoover up all my data someday.  Connected with many friends, shared your thoughts and life videos, uploaded a host of your family photos and selfies, and in this process making Facebook a primary place to archive photos.

Most times after a loss or a change in device, or the device memory fills to the brim and you thought “no ish, have got a copy on Facebook”, you lose the original copies of these beautiful memories. Likewise, you might have decided that you want out from Facebook; either for a while or forever and want to get your pictures off the cloud for some reason best known to you. Whatsoever your reasons are, you can grab your stuff anytime.

Let’s take a look at five different ways to download all photos from your Facebook.

1. Download By Albums through Facebook

You know, it’s easy to save a few photos one after the other but what happens when you have thousands of them? I am sure you don’t want to try that.

Downloading albums is a balanced middle-ground between downloading individual photos and your entire library; most Facebook users would find this to be most helpful. It is quick, easy and makes getting your files accessible at any time although available with only the desktop version of Facebook. Let’s get to how to do this

Go to Facebook profile > Photos > albums, then find the album you wish to download and click to open it. Click the ‘settings’ icon (a gear symbol) in the top corner of your album, then select "Download album". Follow instructions from the pop-up message to complete the process; an announcement that your album may take few minutes to be ready for download, requesting that you either ‘continue’ or ‘cancel’.

Facebook photo albums download

When the file is finally ready, click on the notification that appears at the bottom left corner of your screen and enter the required information. Boom! You'll receive a .zip file containing your photos.  Extract your file and off you go.

2. Use a Google Chrome Extension

Here, all you need is a chrome extension that exports pictures from the web. A major one is DownAlbum which supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and some others. Once installed, half the job is done. Obviously, you must have an access to a Chrome web browser on a Windows PC or a Google browser on a Mac to use this extension.

Chrome extension

After installation, open a Facebook album and then click the extension icon on your browser toolbar. That action prompts a pop-up which shows the extension menu, then click “Normal”. The plugin would immediately collect all photos in that album and automatically opens a new tab where you can open, preview selections, change file names and merge folders. Use the Ctrl+S function on Windows or Cmd+S on Mac to save the page.

Upon the completion of the saving process, you’ll receive a folder containing all selected photos. Quick and easy!

3. Use Facebook Export Option

facebook download information
Download Your information

Here the fastest way to get all photos regardless of which album contains them and how many photos in question. Log into your account, go to Settings > Your Facebook information > Download your information, then a list of categories of your information would come up for you to choose from. Deselect all categories you don’t need, then click ‘Create file’. Once the file is ready for download, you'll get a notification to inform you of the process.

Select available copies
Select Available Copies

Click ‘Available Copies’ to see the requested file then follow instructions through to download the file.

3. Via Android Apps

Various android applications allow you to download your Facebook videos and photos in bulk but one has to be very careful. Most of these apps require you to provide your password or grant privacy access to your profile before use, so it is advisable to change your password and disable access after use.

Android app to download facebook photos

We recommend Download Videos and Photos: Facebook & Instagram. This app allows you to download multiple photos and videos at once, including photos from friends, pages and groups. Upon installation, tap ‘Your photo’ to log into your Facebook profile and select your choice of photos to download.

4. Use odrive to Manage Photos

Odrive is an online storage capacity that sync files and information of every online platform you link to it. Since it syncs every one of your files from every platform connected to it, you can manage your Facebook photos from odrive once you connect your account.

odrive download facebook photos

To do this, sign in to odrive using Facebook. This automatically links your Facebook photos to your odrive folder. Although, it is impossible to download photos in bulk; it is still a means to fetch your Facebook photo.

Do you have any suggestions on other tested ways to download photos from Facebook? If yes, please leave a comment below.

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