change margins in google docs

Just like Microsoft Word, Google docs comes with its own default margins when you open a blank document. By default, this is set to 1 inch all-around. That is, top, bottom left and right margins. It would look a bit awkward if there were no margins set on your document.

Changing margins in Google docs, just like in Microsoft Word, is a walk in the park. As you will later see. With only a few controls, you can comfortably set the margins to your preference. This goes a long way in improving the readability of your document.

In this guide, you will learn how to change margins in Google docs. The steps are fairly easy to follow so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

How to change Top, bottom left and right margins in Google docs

Settings or changing margins in Google is a piece of cake and should not take more than a couple of seconds. let's begin with setting or adjusting all the margin settings.

Step 1: Open a blank Google Doc documents or still, you can use your existing document. On the menu bar, click on 'File'

click on File option Google docs

Step 2: On the pull-down menu, select 'Page Setup'

Click on Page setup

Step 3:  A 'Page Setup' window will pop-up allows you to modify the top, bottom, left and right margins. By default, all the margins are set to 1-inch for all sides. Play around with different values to your preference. Below,  I have set the margins to 2 inches for the top and bottom margins. Once you are satisfied click on the 'OK' button,

Change margins in Google docs

This is how the text looks at the top margin section after modifying the top margin to 2 inches.


How to change the left and right paragraph margins

There's a much easier way of adjusting the left and right paragraph margins without much hassle.

Step 1: Starting with the left margin, Place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph. Next, click and drag the downward-facing pointer to the right. Once you reach your preferred margin distance,  release the mouse button. The outcome is shown below. Note that the margin has only affected the paragraph on which the cursor was placed.

change margins

The same procedure will apply when adjusting the right margin. Simply place the cursor at the beginning of a paragraph,  click and drag the pointer to the left and release once you get to your preferred margin setting. And that's all there is to changing margins on Google Docs. Try out these tips and reset your margins to your preferences.