create drop down menu in google sheets

A drop-down menu or called as drop-down list is list box where user can choose one value. This makes work easier as you can create a to-do list with options such as; "done - undone. yes - no, pass - fail, cheap - expensive." You can also copy data from one cell and paste them to other cells.

In this tutorial, we will quickly learn how to insert a drop-down menu in a google spreadsheet

Insert drop-down menu on google sheets

First, Open your google sheets the select the range of cells you want to work with.

select cells
Select range of cells

Next click on the Data option then scrolls down to select the Data validation option.

data validation
Data validation

On the new data validation page, fill in the correct information on the options provided. First, on the list from a range option, fill in the range of cells that you want to create a drop-down menu. Choose the correct cell range for example, if you want to use the cells from B2-B7 simply put in B2: B7.

Then on the list of items, simply put the items you want, be it a list of numbers or a text, just type them and separate them with commas and you should not space them.

This is how your list from a range of cells should appear.

data validation menu
Data validation menu

And this is how the list of items should look like.

Criteria - List of items

When you are done ensure the checkbox for show dropdown list in cell option is marked so that the values selected can appear in the highlighted cells.

select drop down list in cell
Select drop down list in the cell

Also on the invalid data option make sure to allow to show a warning in case if you have entered the wrong information, it will show you the warning right there without messing up with the selected cells. This making it easier for you to continue working knowing you have the correct information.

Below it, there is an option for Appearance show validation help text which shows you what you can fill in the cells.

 validation help text
Validation help text

When done now hit the  save button,

Now back on your sheet, you'll see a change in the cells you selected. There will be a dropdown arrow on every cell. So, when you click on the dropdown arrow you'll see a list and select any value that you want to use.

drop down arrow

If you are using the sheet and decide to put your own figures different, from the ones that you provided on the list of items, it will definitely show you a warning and this is thanks to the show warning option that you allowed on the data validation dialog box. This way it helps you know the figures or text you are working with is correct.


Make changes on the dropdown list

If maybe you want to make any changes, just go back to the data tab then, data validation and then edit the field you want then hit the save button to apply the changes. Or, if you want to remove the whole list, on the data validation page just at the bottom click remove validation or if you have changed your mind just before the remove validation button, there is a cancel button, so just cancel it.


When you have done all this, you can add color to your dropdown list. Which we are already showed you how to go about it in the previous article. Creating a dropdown list is very easy and it takes less time as it makes work easier by selecting all the cells at once and not doing it one by one.

We hope this tutorial was of much help to you and, now you can create a dropdown menu with ease.