A header is the uppermost section of a word processing application such as Google Docs. A document usually needs to highlight important information about the document in the header section.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and remove headers in Google docs.

Headers are commonly used for:

  • Page numbering
  • Write Author’s name on pages of the documents (copyright)
  • For adding dates
  • For adding titles

Add headers in Google Docs

To add headers in Google Docs, use the Insert menu as follows.

  • Open Google docs on your desired browser and go to the first page of your document.
  • Click Insert from the menu bar, select Headers & footers from the drop-down list, then click from the side-drop list.
Google docs web page displaying the insert drop-down list to create header
  • The header section will then appear on top of that page. To use a different header on the first page, mark the Different first-page check box. To choose or change the header format, click Options, then select Header format from the drop-down list.
Google docs web page highlighting Header format option
header format
  • Enter the text or description in the header, then style with the text formatting tools available in the toolbar. Note that you can use the Insert Menu in the Menu bar to insert pictures, page number and other special characters in your header.
Google docs web page highlighting the text format tools for header text and the insert menu
format header
  • Click any blank area of the document to exit the header. If you have a different first-page header, go to the second page of your header to enter text or any other information needed.

Remove Headers in Google Docs

  • Click on the desired header, click Options, then select Remove header from the drop-down list.
Google docs web page highlighting Remove header option
  • If you have a different first-page header or odd and even headers, you might need to repeat the first step for the second page or odd/even pages differently.


In this tutorial, you have learnt how to add and remove a Header in Google docs. Please leave your comment on how helpful and other problems with Google docs we could help you.