Do you need to resize several images quickly and easily with Windows 10/11? GIMP and Powertoys are free tools that help to resize multiple images.

This tutorial shows how to batch resize multiple images using GIMP and Powertoys.

Resize Images in Batch using GIMP

GIMP is an image editing software that can edit, modify, recreate and resize images. Famous for its ability to edit vector and scalar images, GIMP has several other capabilities with extension plug-ins yet to discover. One is the Batch Image Manipulation Plug-in (BIMP);

  • Download and install GIMP on PC
  • After installation is complete, download the additional BIMP plug-in. Then run the downloaded plug-in installer to configure GIMP with the extension. When this is complete, restart GIMP.
  • In the GIMP interface, locate the File menu on the menu bar and click on the Batch Image Manipulation option.
The BIMP module in the GIMP application
BIMP Module
  • In the BIMP Plug-in window, click Add Images to import images to be resized.
BIMP import images button highlighted
Import Button
  • After selecting the images, click Add to import.
BIMP select images window with images to be selected
Images Selection
  • Click the Add button with the plus icon at the top-left of the BIMP plug-in window, then select the Resize option for output image dimensions either in pixels or percentage and Aspect ratio.
BIMP resize page with the manipulation settings button highlighted
Manipulation Settings Button
  • Enter a preferred image output dimension and aspect ratio, then click Ok.
Resize configuration of the BIMP tool pop up
Manipulation Settings
  • Select the output folder of the resized images by clicking the Output folder feed to the right of the BIMP Plug-in window.
BIMP resize page with the output folder feed highlighted
Output Folder feed
  • Finally, after all the configuration is complete, click Apply to initiate the process.
BIMP Resize page with selected images  and the Apply button highlighted
Apply Button

In little or no time, you’ll have the images resized in the specified output folder.

Resize Images in Batch using PowerToys Image Resizer

Microsoft PowerToys is a free compilation of tools for Windows 10/11 users. One of those powerful tools is the Image Resizer, which allows users to resize a group of selected images with a few clicks. The resizing process follows through a particular accustomed set of settings that the user must preset.

Activation and Configuration:

  • Download or Install Microsoft PowerToys from the Microsoft Store or GitHub.
  • Launch PowerToys, and click Image Resizer from the sidebar menu.
PowerToy Application Settings Home page
Image Resizer
  • Toggle on the Enable Image Resizer switch to activate the tool on the PC. Then close the application.
PowerToy Image Resizer settings to enable the tool
Enable Image Resizer
  • There are three options for configuring the Image Resizer tool – Image sizes, Encoding, and File – below the Enable Image Resizer switch. However, there is no need to change these settings to use the tool if the user is not familiar with the terms.


Note: This step is only possible when the Image Resizer has been enabled

  • Locate the images to be resized
  • Select all the images to be resized by highlighting them, holding the control key on the keyboard as you click the images to select multiple images. Then right-click on the final one to access the file options, then select Resize Pictures.
Group of images selected for resize, with their options displayed
File Option
  • The Image Resizer window will pop up. In this window, select your output image dimension or enter a preferred size. Select all other preferred configurations and click Resize to initiate the process.
Resizing Settings on a PowerToy Image Resizer module
Resize Button

Here you go; your default output folder is the source folder of the selected images.

Enjoy resizing images and let us know in the comment section how helpful is this guide.