Spell check feature of google chrome enables to check spelling mistakes in a text field on a website. Basic and enhanced are two types of spell check currently available on chrome.

Basic spell check searches against a small database of dictionary while enhanced spell check uses the same spell checker that's used in google search.

In this tutorial, we check how to enable spell check in the Chrome browser.

Enable Spell Check in Chrome

Here we enable spell check and choose basic or enhanced spell check.

1. Click the Menu icon (top right corner) which is indicated by 3 horizontal dots. Alternatively you can simply enter chrome://settings in the address bar.

Chrome Menu icon

2. Click on Settings.

Chrome Settings

3. Now Click on Advanced ( on the left hand side).

Settings - Advanced

4. Select Languages from the Advanced menu.

Advanced - Languages

4. In Languages page

Here you can enable spell check (slide the bar), by default it is enabled. You have two choices to choose from ie basic or enhanced. I recommend enabling enhanced spell check.

Languages - enable spell check

Now all good to close the chrome Settings.


In this tutorial we learned how to enable enhanced spell check in Chrome browser. Hope you enjoyed reading.