make text vertical in google sheets

If you are using the spreadsheet feature in Google, one of the most common problems that you will encounter at times is the amount of space the text in a certain cell takes up. It is rather a regular format where one cell will have a description with the next row containing the figures pertaining to the description. If the description happens to be a lengthy one, it can make the entire sheet look unprofessional and also difficult to read.

An easy way solution to this problem is to simply flip the text and display it vertically instead of horizontally. There are options available in Google Docs to perform this action and also various other text placement customizations. In this article, we give you a step by step guide to flip your text in Google Docs.

Step 1 - Open Google Sheets

Open Google docs on your browser and type out a few words in different cells.

Opening Google Docs

Step 2 - Select the desired text

Select the text that you want to flip. You can either select the text within a single cell, or you can select multiple cells and flip them at the same time. To select multiple cells either click and drag to draw a box around them or select them individually by control+ click on each cell.

Select the desired text

Step 3 - Click on Format

Once you have selected the cells you want to flip, go to the overhead options bar, and click on the ‘format’ button.

Click on Format

Step 4 - Scroll to Text rotation

A drop-down menu will open with various formatting options available. Find the one termed ‘Text rotation’.

Scroll down to Text rotation

Step 5 - Choose the desired rotation type - 

Once you click on the text rotation option another side menu will open with a number of further options using which you can flip your selected text.

Choose the desired rotation type

Step 6 - Selected text is flipped

Select any of these options by clicking on them and your selected text will get flipped accordingly. The ‘stack vertically’ option will flip your text in the vertical position instead of horizontal. You also have options to tilt your text in vertical angles, and also up and down. The last option allows you to select a custom angle in which you can flip your text.

Selected text is now flipped

Using these options you can now place your text in any shape you want within your Google sheets. Flipping texts within a spreadsheet is a great way to make the file look professional and neat. Since Google Docs is one of the most preferred ways of presenting data in any professional field, the knowledge of such options can help make your presentation better.