discord text formatting

Discord is a freeware application that was initially created for the video gaming enthusiasts for communication using chat, video and audio communication. It's a cross-platform feature and run on any operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and across several web browsers.

In this guide, we shall examine how to format text in Discord, This includes how to make your text appear Bold, Italicized, underlined and colored among many others. Without much further ado, let's jump in.

1) How to make text appear bold

To make your text appear bold in Discord, enclose it between double  asterisk   i.e. ** bold text**

Hey guys! **Welcome aboard**

How to format text in discord make text bold

After you hit 'ENTER' to send the message, the text will appear in bold as shown in the output below

bold text in discord

2) How to make text appear in italics

To Italicize text in discord,  enclose the text in single asterisk  i.e  * Italicized word*

We have plenty of ncie bitings like *les gateuax, les bananes les croissants*

How to format text in discord

After pressing 'ENTER' the message will appear italicized as shown below

How to format text in discord Italicized text

3) How to underline text

To underline text, enclose the text between double underscore marks i.e __ bold text __

For instance

And get enough sleep for tomorrow's __Koroga Festival__

Underline text in Discord

Hit ENTER and the text between the double underscore marks will be underlined

Underlined-text in discord

4) How to strikethrough text

To strikethrough text, enclose text within double tilde marks  (~~)  i.e. ~~text~~

For instance,

It's gonna be a delightful event to --behold--

How to strikethrough in discord

When you hit ENTER, your text will be struck through as shown below

How to format text in discord Strikethrough-text

Format Text in Discord using a combination of techniques

So far, we have covered how you can make your text appear bold, italicized, underlined and how you can place a strikethrough. In this section, we shall see how you can format text using a combination of these techniques, for example, you can have a combination of bold and underlined text, bold and italicized and so on.

Let's dive deeper and see how you can achieve this.

1) How to make text appear bold and Italicized

To make your text have a combination of bold and Italics, use the triple asterisk marks as shown

*** text ***

For instance,

Afterwards , we will have some fun games like ***poker , blacjack , and shooting pool.***

Make text bold and italicized in Discord

Hit ENTER and see your text transform into bold and italicized!

bold-italicized-text in Discord

2) How to make text appear bold and underlined

You can also have a combination of bold text which is underlined. To achieve this,  enclose your text between double underscore and double asterisk characters i.e __**bold and underlined text**__

how to bold and underline

When you hit ENTER, you will get your text in bold and underlined format.

Bold-and-underlined text in Discord

3) How to make text  bold, underlined & Italicized

It is still possible to have a combination of all the three formatting techniques: bold, underlined and text with a strikethrough. To achieve this enclose text using a double underscore, and triple asterisks. ie.

__*** bold underlined and italicized text ***__

How to underline Italicize and Bold

Hit Enter and behold the magic!


Formatting Text using Color

Now here is the fun section, colorizing your text! In addition to the basic text formatting techniques, you can add some spice by adding color to your text.

Let's explore a few examples

 1) Color your text red

To  add red color to your text, use the triple backtick (```)  with diff attribute &  hyphen (-)  as shown


- Text to be colored red


How to red color text in Discord

Hit ENTER and your text will change to Red color


 2) Color your text

To color your text , use the brackets [ ] to enclose the text alongside the attribute css   as shown


[ Some  Text ]


How to make text 

Hit ENTER, and here will be your result.

-Text in discord

 3) Color your text

To make your text color , use the triple backtick (```) with fix attribute as shown below i.e

Some  text example 

Color your text in discord

After hitting ENTER, your text will appear as follows

Text color in in Discord

4) Color your text dark green

To color your text dark green, use the  triple backtick (```) with json attribute as shown below i.e


"Some dark gren text"


Make text dark green in Discord

Hit the ENTER button and see your text transform into a dark green color.

dark-green-text in Discord

5) Color your text Blue

If Blue happens to be your favorite color and you itch using it in your text in discord,  use the triple backtick (```) with the ini attribute as shown below i.e

[Some BLue text]

Make text blue

Hit Enter and here are the results.

Blue-text in Discord

Take away

We have come to the conclusion of this topic, the ball now is in your court. Give it a try and send us some feedback. In this tutorial, you learned how to format text in Discord.