How to insert a gif image to gmail and outlook
A Graphics Interchange Format, also known as GIF, is a fascinating way of communicating one's thought in the form of a brief looping video, which is in the format of a bitmap image. A GIF is much like a moving image but is a compelling way of explaining your thoughts. These days, people use GIFs everywhere; like on social media sites like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. A lot of people want to use GIFs in the emails too, but they can't find a way to insert a GIF in their Emails.

This article will show you exactly how you do it. The method to insert a GIF to a Gmail, or an Outlook is pretty similar. The method to insert a GIF in both Outlook and Gmail are described below.

How to insert a GIF into Gmail

The process of inserting a GIF into a Gmail email is not at all complicated, follow the steps below.
• Open your web browser. It doesn't matter which browser you use; you have to download your GIF from the web browser.
• Search for the GIF you want to insert (say from Giphy), and go the GIF’s page.

search gif on giphy

• Copy the link of the GIF. You can copy the link by visiting the page of the GIF and selecting the link of your GIF.

Search GIPHY
• Now log into your Gmail account and compose a mail.

compose email
• Enter the email address of your recipient and enter the subject.
• After you add the recipient address and subject, you will find an 'Insert Photo' icon.

enter email address
• Paste the link of the GIF to the 'Web Address' section.

paste gif into gmail
• Click the 'Insert' option, which is the blue button, located at the top of the window.
• Write your email along with the attached GIF and then click 'Send.'

click insert button


If you already have a GIF downloaded in your computer/phone then you can follow the following steps then you have to drag and drop the GIF in your email window once you start composing a mail.

How to insert a GIF into Outlook

Lets me share how to insert gif in webmail and outlook office 365.

Outlook office 365

Open a "New Email" and place the cursor where you want to place the GIF.

-> Click "Insert" Tab -> Click "Pictures" - Upload GIF image that you already download on your computer. If you don't have an image on your computer then you can choose "Online Pictures" to search the internet.

insert gif outlook office 365

On Outlook Webmail

The process of inserting a GIF into a web Outlook is pretty similar but much easier than it is for Gmail.
• Log into your outlook account.
Login Outlook Account
• Go to the 'Mail' view, and start creating a new email which can be done by selecting 'New Message.'

create new email
• Click on 'Insert emojis and GIFs' which is an option in the email window.

insert emojis gifs
• Now a new window will open which will let you browse to the location of the GIF. Select your chosen GIF and click on it.

select gif
• Finish writing your email and Click on Send. The chosen GIF will be sent to your recipient.

send email with gif

If you don’t already have the GIF file on your computer, go to the browser first and download the file.
That’s how you insert a GIF file in an outlook/Gmail email. Once you learn how to do it, it won’t be a problem ever again.