I have a Window Server, that has a connection issue with its domain controller. This server has been deployed by another engineer and we don’t have a local administrator password. My requirement is to log in with local administrator account.

MS DART (Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset) is one of the useful tools to troubleshoot Windows Operating Systems.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to recover the local administrator password of the Windows Operating system.

Recover Local Admin password using MS Dart

1. Boot the server from DaRT ISO. Therefore we need to have physical access to the server or we should get the Bios level access. Access method may vary from server vendor. Ex IDRAC for Dell servers, ILO for HP servers.

Once the server is booted, we have an option to either go with network configuration. But for most of the scenarios, we don’t need network connectivity.

Dart ISO boot with network services
Dart ISO boot with network services

2. Select the language

Dart ISO select the language
Dart Boot ISO select the language

3.Click on Troubleshoot

Dart ISO select the continue for boot form Dart tools
Dart boot ISO select Continue to boot form ISO

4. Select the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset

Dart boot ISO select Dart toolset
Select Microsoft Diagnostics and recovery toolset

5. Select the Locksmith

Locksmith passwords recovery wizard
Dart recovery tools select Locksmith

6. Click on Next

Dard password recovery wizard
Dart password recovery wizard

7.Enter the new password and click on Next. If we have any different local administrator account we can select the name from the Account drop-down list.

Enter new password on Dart password recovery wizard
Dard recovery enter new administrator password

8. Click on Finish, then click on close and reboot the server

Dart finish the password recovery wizard
Dart finish the password recovery wizard


In this tutorial, we were able to explain the official way of resetting lost local administrator passwords using the proper tool. Thanks for your time, do well to leave your suggestions in the comment section below.