Lots of tabs are always hard to manage. Vertical tabs help to easily find and switch between. Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in vertical tab feature for a better browsing experience.

In this tutorial we learn how to show vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge.

Vertical tabs on Microsoft edge helps to:

  • Easily shift to view tabs in a pane
  • See the titles easily
  • Easy to reorder tabs
  • Drag and drop to rearrange
  • Easily collapse the pane
  • Hover to see all information

Show Vertical Tabs on Microsoft Edge

Ensure you have the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser. If not, update your browser for the feature to be added.

Launch Microsoft Edge and click the rounded square icon with an arrow pointing to the left that is located on the left of the New Tab.

Show vertical tabs

This will cause the horizontal tab bar to disappear and appear vertically menu on the left side of the browser.

Vertical bar to add tabs

To add new tab click plus button (+)

Adding a new vertical tab

Hide or Turn Off Vertical Tabs on Microsoft Edge

To hide or turn off the vertical tabs, click on rounded square icon at the top of vertical bar.

Hide vertical tabs

This will switch back to the horizontal tabs.

Switch to horizontal tabs

Disable Vertical Tabs

By default, vertical tabs are enabled on Microsoft edge. Simple go to edge://settings/appearance on the browser or find the same from Settings.

To disable vertical tabs:

  • Click three horizontal dots on the top extreme right.
  • From the menu, click Settings
  • Click on Appearance on the left hand side
  • Under Customize toolbar, you can disable using the 'show vertical tabs button'


In this tutorial, we learned how to show vertical tabs in Microsoft edge and also how to disable it from the settings. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments about your experience using vertical tabs.