The default Windows 10 fonts, Times New Romans, and Arial fonts are classics, but there are times when you'll want a change. You can download new fonts from different online resources, but how do you install them?

There are several ways to installing new fonts on your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Install fonts from Microsoft store
  2. Install fonts using Windows Settings
  3. Install fonts using Third-party font managers

Install fonts from Microsoft store

The Microsoft Store is the inbuilt app store of Windows 10. Following the steps below, you can install new fonts from the store:

  1. Go to Start Menu > Settings.
  2. In the Windows settings, go to Personalization > Fonts. In the font’s menu, click the "Get more fonts in Microsoft Store" option.
  3. Click any of the available fonts to preview. You will find a “Get” button in the preview window with which you could press to download and install the fonts directly.
Microsoft store page showing a new font and highlighting the "Get" button
Microsoft Store Font installation

After installation, the font becomes available to all applications on your PC.

Install fonts using Windows Settings

After downloading preferred fonts from wherever online resource in OTF and TTF formats, you can manually drag and drop them into the Windows format folder.  To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel window, go to All Control Panel Items > Fonts. Once the font page opens, simply drag newly downloaded fonts from your downloads folder to the fonts settings folder. A progress bar will pop-up to show the installation progress. Once complete, the fonts are available to all applications on your PC.
PC font Folder page with all available fonts on the computer
Font Folder page

Install fonts using Third-party font managers

If you have difficulties using any of the above methods, third-party font managers might be your best bet. These are software designed to apply, update, and manage fonts on computers. These tools require that you download and install them to get access to the fonts and apply them.

Below are some free font tools to consider:

  1. FontBase
  2. AMP Font Viewer
  3. Typograf 
  4. NexusFont
  5. Advanced Font Viewer
  6. Font Viewer

Once you have downloaded any of the above, be sure to read the guide and get to making your PC truly yours.

Various websites offer paid or free fonts online but here are 5 of the safest sites to visit for your fonts; safe in terms of Viruses and bugs:


In this article we learned how to install new fonts in Windows 10 Desktop. If you have any suggestion and observation on these, kindly drop it in the comment section.