youtube timestamp

Sharing an interesting  YouTube video with your friends is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is to hit the 'SHARE' button, copy the link and post it to your friends' social media handles. As simple as  A B C. No hassle.

Did you also know that you can share the video that begins from a specific time other than the usual starting point? Yes, you can. You can share a video that begins from a point, let's say at 0.40 seconds. This can be achieved by appending a timestamp on the link that you want to share.

Linking a  video from a specific part comes in handy when you want your recipient to skip the unimportant video section and go straight to the point. This avoids having to wait for that section as the video plays and also saves you a lot of time. In this tutorial, you will learn how to share a YouTube video starting from a specific time.

Share a YouTube video starting from a specific time

To link to a specific part in a YouTube video, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch your browser and go to YouTube

Step 2: Click on your favorite video to play it.  In this example, we have chosen the video 'Big girls don't cry by Fergie'.

Share a YouTube video starting from a specific time

Step 3:  Let the video play up to the point you want the person you want to share the video with to start watching and hit the 'Pause' button. You can also pause it by hitting the spacebar key on the keyboard.  Additionally, you can move the pointer along the progress timeline to save time. So assume you want your friends to begin watching from 1.30s, move the pointer up to the 1.30s mark and hit pause.

Step 4: Click on the 'SHARE' button as shown below.

Share a YouTube video starting from a specific time

Step 5: Check the 'Start at' checkbox with the time appended at the end. This will also append the time at the end of the URL as shown.

Share a YouTube video starting from a specific time

Step 6: Now copy the updated URL with the time stamp at the end and share the link with your friends on various social media sites. Anyone who clicks the link with start watching the video from the time you specified and not from the beginning.


And that's just about it. See how super easy it was?  You don't have to keep your friends waiting for that magical moment in the video. You can now skip the unnecessary section of the video and launch into the main part with ease.

How to timestamp YouTube comments

As you go about watching and enjoying, you might probably have come across some comments bearing a timestamp in the comment section. When the timestamp is clicked, it directs you to the specific section of the video where the subscriber is referring. In this section, we walk you through how you can append a timestamp on a YouTube comment.

Step 1: As before, launch YouTube and select the video you want to play. Start the video and allow it to play until the point you want to timestamp it.

Step 2: Pause the video. Using our previous example, we will pause it a the  0.30s  time. The time is displayed right next to the volume icon as shown below. The format of the time is indicated as

current timestamp: full video length

YouTube Timestamp

Step 3: Now, scroll down to the comments section and Type your comment and include the timestamp. This is where your creativity springs to action. You can type something like "A very cool guitar at  0:30" the click on the 'COMMENT' button to submit your comment. Your comment will appear as shown:


As you can see, the timestamp appears in blue and links to you that specific moment of the video. When clicked upon, it takes you to the moment you specified, in this case, 30 seconds into the video.

How to timestamp YouTube comments on a smartphone

The procedure is pretty much the same in appending a timestamp to a YouTube video on a mobile phone.

Step 1: Simply launch your YouTube app, and select the video you want to play.

Step 2: Hit pause at the point in the video you want to draw attention to and note the time stamp.

Step 3: Scroll all the way down until you get to the  Comments box section written: "Add a public comment here". Paste the timestamp and write something cool to draw the readers' attention. Once done, tap on the send arrow button to submit the comment. Your comment will appear as shown:



You can now proceed and share your YouTube video with a timestamp as well as append the timestamp on a comment in the comments section. We do hope you found this tutorial informative.