search google hangout chat conversation

Google Hangouts is a popular unified communication tool by Google. It allows users to chat and also initiate voice and video calls.

In this tutorial, we focus on how to search Google Hangout chat conversation based on a provided keyword contained in previous chats.

How to search for Google Hangout Chats on your PC

If you are using a PC, you can easily search Google hangout cha conversation with only a few mouse-clicks.  There are two super easy ways that one can go about this:

The first approach that we are going to take in searching for a specific keyword in Hangouts' Chat conversation is by using Gmail's search bar that's usually located at the top of the page. To achieve this, type the parameter "label:chats" followed by the keyword. For example, In this case, I  was searching for the keyword 'GUI' in the Hangout chats. The whole command, therefore, is  label:chats GUI

Search for Google Hangout chat conversation

The chat history containing the search term will be populated as shown above.

The second way you can search for a keyword in your Hangouts chat is to head over to the left sidebar and click on the 'more' option as shown:

Search for a keyboard in Hangouts

Then navigate and click on the 'chats' option.

Search for a keyword in Hangouts

You will find the parameter "in:chat" already in the Gmail search bar. All that is required is to simply type in the keyword you are looking for and press ENTER. All the chats containing the keyword will be generated as shown.

Search for a keyword in Google hangouts

Basically, that's how simple it is to search for a specific keyword in your Google Hangout chat history. As you have seen, it takes just a few steps.


For Hangouts Android and iOS App, the search functionality is non-existent and Google seems to suggest that it's not that important. I have personally tried searching using Hangout's Android App but just couldn't seem to figure out how to search for a keyword by the time of penning down this guide.

And that's how you go about searching for a keyword in your Hangouts chat conversation. We do hope that this guide was helpful to you.